Thursday, July 08, 2004

An email from mom

Below is an excerpt from an email that I received from my mother. She is remarried with two small kids, whom she is teaching to read:

First stop was the cigarette store. Daniel ran in while the kids and I waited in the car. While he was in there a pickup pulled up and parked next to it. It had a decal on the side which Nathan immediately set to reading. "GGG Go-o-o-od, God! BBB-Bl-Bl-ble-ble-bless,Bless! God Bless! Aa ammm-ammmeee-amerrriiii-amerriic-amerriic-amerriicaaa-America! God Bless America!" He's an American! Lindsay then chimed in "He's an American! He has an American car! See! He has an American Flag!" They were both so excited to be parked next to an American with an American car! When he came out I was tempted to thank him for keeping my kids busy :-)

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