Friday, July 16, 2004

Hug your local plumber (or make him come back when he makes things worse)

I'm not a big fan of showering at work.  My home shower drain was getting pretty slow, so like a good consumer, I used drain cleaner on Monday.  Tuesday I followed the directions on the bottle, and tried drain cleaner a second time.  Nothing. I found out yesterday that most of the time, drain cleaner crystallizes, and completely stops up your drain.  Wish I had known that on Monday or Tuesday.   Wednesday I snaked the drain.  Yesterday a plumber came out, and worked under the house, replacing most of the horrendously old plumbing.  I had a nice collection of pipes sitting by my garbage can when he was done, 3 hours later.  Apparently there was years of nastiness built up in the plumbing...Makes me wonder if my landlord ever had maintenance done. 
After the plumber left, Matt and I were having a lovely time playing with the tub water, watching it go down the drain, in amazement.  Then we turned the sink faucet on, and noted that hot and cold were both coming out in barely a trickle...time to call our local plumber again.
On a positive note, I felt incredibly lucky to have a gym at work with a shower this week .

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