Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The adventures of Adventure Cat!

An email from Mom:

Later in the day I headed out to the garden to see how it was going. Out came the kids all excited. Adventure Cat was going to have babies and Daddy was having problems. I came back in and found Daniel on his hands and knees trying to extract Adventure Cat from a less than desirable area. We finally, after much coaxing and rearranging convinced her to settle for a better spot. That poor cat had one heck of a time! At one point, shortly before popping the first one out somehow managed to jump out of her box and come looking for me. That poor cat could barely keep her hind end off the floor! She was squatting, having contractions and begging me to help to help her. We managed to get her back in the box then the kids and I took turns keeping her company. Lindsay saw the first two being born and Nathan and I saw the last one being born. A most painful experience for the new Mama. Last night she kept trying to take little breaks but every time she'd take a couple steps away the kittens would start crying. She was actually grumbling (almost a growl) on her way back a couple times. LOL Grrrr, durn kids! She was thrilled to see us all emerge from the bedroom this morning and immediately came out to get us and lead us back to her box so we could take turns keeping her company again.

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