Thursday, July 01, 2004

I love public transportation!

I think that I'm more aware of the people on the bus now that I'm posting my thoughts online...They provide such great material! Yesterday someone moved from their spot 2 seats down from me, to sit right next to me. For no particular reason - he didn't even try to start a conversation. He was a really sweaty bike-rider, and it grossed me out. This in turn prompted me to hold onto the metal pole, so as not to accidentally bump into "sweaty biker guy" if the bus lurched to a stop. A few moments later, someone else boarded the bus. We'll call him "sweat-pants man". When "sweat-pants man" got on the bus, there were tons of empty seats. He opted to stand right in front of me, and lean against the pole, in such a way that his ass was right above my hand. I was wedged between "sweaty biker guy" and "sweat-pants man". Ugh.

Now, I'm not overly sensitive about personal space. You really can't be on public transportation. But c'mon people!

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